What is Sour Honey? Is Sour Honey a Cancer Cure?

sour honey cancer cure

On the Internet today, there are so many rumors about being a cure of cancer and the fact is that not so many people know “what is sour honey” – you will find even some people have never even heard of it before. You might be knowing someone who has cancer and want to recommend to them to take it as a cure, but you aren’t very sure if it is worth it – in this article we will be elucidating more about what and whether it’s sour honey cancer cure as rumors claims, we will help you to learn what is sour honey all about and it’s pros and cons.


The Origin of the Rumor

Well, the story of superior sour honey cancer cure is not typically based on scientific research which we can say there is evidence to prove that it actually works. In simple terms, it is based on conspiracy theory, and just like most conspiracy theories, this rumor has something do with the politics, as well as the ever-scheming pharmaceutical companies which are both trying to keep it under wraps for a financial gain.

It all started during the buildup to the November 2016 US presidential election, whereby on one side the Democrats had Hillary Clinton and the other side, the Republican fielded Donald Trump as their candidate. During this period, a viral marketing campaign attempted to promote the substance dubbed as Brazilian Sour honey cancer cure. This goes to an extension where Hillary Clinton and her “crooked cartel” comprised of the pharmaceutical companies tried to keep the information about the sour honey cancer cure as a secret – the public wasn’t to be revealed about the full details – this way, they could be able to safeguard their financial gains.

The propagators of these rumors then went to the extent of creating YouTube videos as well as producing articles which demonstrated other medical breakthroughs that the sour honey cancer cure depicted.

Moreover, it is supposedly made at a tiny, remote area in the Brazilian jungle, where particular bees develop one of the rarest substances on earth – it is a type of nectar which claimed to have remained unscathed for thousands of years. Additionally, according to the rumors, it was further tested in laboratories, and as a result, it offered these miraculous results.

That’s not all, on the first day of the test, it was claimed to have demolished 13 percent of the breast cancer cells on the spot. When further separate studies were carried out on the mice which had human-like tumors – it was believed that it was able to halt the tumor growth by 50 percent. And on two other separate aggressive kinds of prostate cancer cells, it was claimed to have boosted the speed in destroying it – up to 75 percent of the cancer cells were demolished as illustrated in the study.

Very impressive, don’t you agree? If you want to learn more about what is sour honey then you should continue reading to discover the truth…


What is Sour Honey?

What is sour honey, does it exist? Is it made by hornets harvesting the flowers or by the honey bees? Honestly, it doesn’t really exist – at least not in a sense its promoters describe and other various sources, including YouTube and articles, found on the Internet. In fact, there is no kind of nectar which is produced sour – it is just a myth.

Abut there exists a kind of nectar referred to as sourwood honey. The sourwood honey features a different taste which most enthusiasts name as their favorite type. This type is produced from the nectar of the sourwood tree blossom, that’s indigenous to the Southern Appalachians which run across the regions of Northwest Carolina and Northern Georgia. And not only is the tree scarce, but it also has an extraordinary short blossom period ranging from June to August, giving a brief window of time in which the beekeepers tend to bring their colonies in order to collect the nectar from the flowers.

The sourwood honey is sweet and not sour. Although, the sourwood honey isn’t the product the propagandists are trying to promote via creating articles and videos.


Here is a little taste of how honey is produced

sour honeyDramatically, bees make it from the nectar, and in the process, they tend to evaporate more than 60 percent of the water content, and as a result, leaving just 14 to 18 percent of water content. This leaves it highly-resistant to microorganisms, and that’s the reason why you find it capable of lasting for a long time.

Sometimes you’ll find the beekeepers harvesting it which contains a high content of moisture, and it ferments giving him a sour and lousy taste. But note that the promoters are not talking about the sourwood honey either.

So, what then is the viral marketing campaign talking about? Well, what they are referring is a substance which is commonly known as propolis. In simple terms, bee glue. What is propolis? Propolis is a resinous mixture produced by the needs using their saliva, bee-wax, as well as secretions obtained from sap-flows as well as tree buds. In fact, propolis is the same material which bees utilize as a sealant for the unwanted open spaces in their hives. It reinforces the structural stability of the colonies, reduces the vibration, and also avoids the diseases and parasites from coming to the hives. In addition, it tends to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi.


The Final Verdict: Is Sour Honey the Much-Awaited Cure for Cancer?

Propolis has been used for thousands of years as an ingredient to prepare traditional medicines. And according to the National Institutes of Health, they thoughtfully rate it as being “likely efficient” for dealing with a variety of conditions such as cold sores, mouth pain, as well as genital herpes.

Currently, on the other hand, there is no medical evidence which can term it as a useful substance in treating it. That’s not all, the group of the marketers who take upon themselves promoting the product lack credibility on the matter – so is it capable of curing cancer? A big no!

You shouldn’t even waste your fortune trying to invest in this product – it’s not worth it! We hope that this article helped you to learn more about what is sour honey about and it’s pros and cons.


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